"Where home is a priority and loving care is a way of life"

Why Southland?

dr 10Southland Health Care center embraces culture change and resident-centered care. We are dedicated to providing individual choices about how you live your life. We have been caring for seniors in the Pee Dee area for over 50 years. Our experienced staff works to ensure that each of our family and residents is honored with love and respect they deserve.

At Southland, we believe in the philosophy of “every day is a Saturday.” Think about it—when Saturday arrives, you do things differently than you would during the week. You may wake up later, plan activities with friends, and generally be more relaxed than you would during the week. In our case, we value our residents and support their individual choices.


Culture change seeks to create an environment for residents, which follows the residents' routines rather than those imposed by the facility:

  • Allow residents to make their own decisions
  • Consistent assignment with caregivers
  • Voices of the residents are considered and respected
  • Our values are choice, dignity, respect, and purposeful living
  • Residents and care givers are able to express choice and practice self-determination in a meaningful way at every level of daily living
  • Residents can choose when to go to bed and wake up, enjoy flexible meal options, and personalize their rooms
  • Restaurant style dining in formal dining room with table clothes, china, and waitresses
  • No overhead paging except in an emergency
  • Flexible bathing time provided by a specialized well-trained bathing team in a spa like environment
  • Liberalized diets
  • Continental breakfast and full menu breakfast served daily
  • Respects each resident likes and dislikes for meal service
  • Nutritional snacks provided instead of supplemental drinks
  • Able to choose their medication times with flexible medicine schedules
  • Personal recognition for each resident on their birthday
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Pet friendly environment (visitation permitted with proper vaccination records).


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