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Southland FAQ's

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Is Southland Health Care Center a “nursing home” or “rehabilitation facility”?

Southland offers a variety of services designed to address all stages of a resident’s recovery-- both physically and emotionally. While we focus on rehabilitation, we also excel at short and long-term care.

What is short-term rehab?

Short-term rehab is a treatment program designed to help residents make the transition from the hospital back into their homes. Southland’s team of experienced doctors, nurses, and therapists create individualized treatment plans to help residents regain their independence.

What types of insurance does Southland accept?

Southland accepts the following payment types:

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Private pay
  • Private insurance

Call or contact us to receive specific information.

What does Medicare pay for?

While Medicare does cover some rehabilitation and skilled care services, it does not typically cover custodial care alone. In most cases, Medicare will pay if there has been a qualifying 3 day hospital stay and the subscriber requires skilled nursing or rehabilitation services after discharge.

How long does Medicare pay for skilled nursing?

While Medicare can cover up to 100 days, 100 days is not always guaranteed. In addition, Medicare coverage is not the same for all 100 days:

  • First 20 days: Medicare pays 100%
  • Next 80 days: Medicare pays everything but the daily coinsurance amount; this co-pay can be covered by secondary insurance, private funds, or Medicaid.

What are Southland’s visiting hours?

Southland has no set visiting hours-- guests with proper credentials are welcome 24 hours per day, however, guests are not allowed to spend the night. If you are visiting during late or early hours of the day, we ask that you respect our residents by keeping noise to a minimum.

What types of clothing are preferred?

We prefer residents dress as they would in their own homes. We recommend that clothes be easily machine washable and that shoes have non-slip soles. Please label all clothing with a permanent marker prior to use.

How can I receive information about my family member?

Information about resident care and status can only be discussed with individuals who have been designated in writing to be the resident’s responsible party. If you fall within this guideline, nurses can discuss the resident’s status. We also encourage you to attend our care plan meetings to speak directly to your loved one’s care team. This helps us set attainable goals and measure progress together.

What is the transfer process from the hospital to Southland?

  1. Hospital social worker or case manager sends medical information to Southland
  2. Southland reviews patient information and determines bed availability
  3. Southland responds to social worker and requests additional information as necessary
  4. Patient is informed of admission status; accepted patient is transferred by hospital staff.

What information is needed to admit a resident who is currently in the hospital?

Southland requires the following information to admit a resident who is currently in the hospital:

  • Complete transfer form (including orders for the attending physician)
  • Complete medical history and physical signed by physician-- contact your hospital caseworker to send pertinent medical information. Information should be faxed to Southland
  • Completed discharge summary signed by physician
  • Copy of all x-ray reports and laboratory studies
  • Copy of completed PASARR form(s) as appropriate
  • Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security cards (as needed)
  • Name, address, and phone number for attending physician responsible for patient’s medical care. This information should be faxed.

What information is needed to admit a resident who is currently at home?

  • Completed medical history signed by physician (must be completed within 5 days of admission)
  • Copy of PASARR form(s) as needed
  • Copy of current chest x-ray report or TB skin test.


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